Build Process

Rococo Homes believes that exceptional custom homes are created by combining quality products, industry leading expertise and a collaborative and flexible approach with our customers during the build process. What this means is that our customers participate in a build process they are comfortable with. Make all your choices up front and come back when the house is done – no problem. Participate in various stages of the construction process – you can do that too! Be part of all the decisions of your new home – we would love to do this with you!

From understanding affordability and housing choices to welcoming you through the doors of your new home, Rococo is here to help!

What is our typical process of building a home? Let us give you a quick example…


Stage 1 – Preparing to Build

In this stage, we develop the overall plan for the purposes of budget, timing and build location/size. Some preliminary activities during this stage include:

  1. Obtaining mortgage approval and removing sales conditions
  2. Finalizing blue prints
  3. Selecting exterior colors and materials
  4. Receiving architectural approval from developers and planning commissions
  5. Receiving building permits

Stage 2 – Site Preparation and Basement

This stage prepares the property for the build and completes the necessary foundation and basement construction. Activities in this stage include:

  1. Meeting with site superintendent to stake out the perfect placement of the house site on the lot
  2. Excavation of basement
  3. Pour footings
  4. Form and pour basement walls
  5. Install weeping tile and damp proof foundation walls
  6. Backfill
  7. Install service lines
  8. Initiate mortgage draw #1

Stage 3 – Lock Up and Exterior

  1. Framing and installation of windows and doors
  2. Rough in for plumbing, heating and electrical
  3. Scheduled electrical walk through
  4. Scheduled structured wiring walk through
  5. Gas line is installed
  6. Inspection by city to ensure proper framing, electrical and preliminary heating
  7. Insulation
  8. Installation of exterior finishings

Stage 4 – Finishing

  1. Drywall and taping
  2. Prime and texturing of the ceiling
  3. Installation of cabinetry
  4. Finish carpentry
  5. Painting
  6. Installation of electrical fixtures
  7. Installation of flooring materials
  8. Final touch-up painting
  9. Final cleaning
  10. Rough grading, driveways and walks are poured, subject to weather conditions
  11. Quality assurance walk through with the Rococo Site Supervisor

Stage 5 – Possession

  1. Meet with Rococo to do a final walk through of home
  2. Receive keys